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Bosch offers portable sliding miter saw

Bosch Power Tools & Accessories has introduced its new 10" dual-bevel sliding miter saw, model 4310, and accompanying folding leg stand with wheels. Based on its predecessor, model 4410, the saw includes Bosch's popular upfront controls, which means users can adjust, lock/unlock and control every feature of the saw from the front of the tool. The new saw is more compact than the previous model with a 10" chassis.

The Bosch 10" dual-bevel sliding miter saw, model 4310.

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"The key features that really jump out are 1) the upfront controls," says Jason Feldner, Bosch product manager. "What that really means is you are no longer reaching around the back of the tool to try and adjust the bevel controls. There's a red lever on the left side of the saw. You lift that up and you can tilt the head to the left and on the right side there is a knob that has basic left-and-right control."

"This saw also gives the user about twice the crosscut capacity of a chop saw. Therefore, there is about a 12" crosscut capacity. For 10" saws, [buyers] are not looking for large capacities. They are primarily looking to make crosscuts, bevels and miters and it is all about widths."

The saw can cut crown molding up to 6" wide and base molding, positioned against the fence, up to 3-5/8". It has a bevel range of 47 degrees left and 46 degrees right, and has a miter angle capacity of 52 degrees left and 60 degrees right.

There are 10 stops built into the base for tilting the saw left or right, while a microfine miter adjustment gives users the ability to adjust miter cuts to within a fraction of a degree.

"It weighs about 55 pounds and has a nice solid base so you're not going to dump it off the bench," adds Feldner. "We also designed it so if you let go of the head, it is not going to fall over.

"It is definitely oriented for a small-shop environment, but it is portable and folds up nice and compact, meaning that the four legs will fold down, the extensions will fold in and you can pick it up with one hand and carry it. The stand can support up to 16' of material."

The saw sells for $529. The stand, model GTA3800, costs an extra $219.

Contact: Bosch Power Tools & Accessories. Tel: 877-267-2499.

This article originally appeared in the January 2011 issue.

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