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Bosch offers new FatPack battery

Bosch Tool Group introduced the 6-Ah, 18-volt lithium-ion FatPack battery in May, model BAT622, featuring an extended runtime of up to 45 percent over standard 4-Ah battery packs, according to the company. The product will be on display at the company’s booth at this month’s AWFS fair in Las Vegas.

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Product manager Steve Wilcox says that depending what they are trying to accomplish, woodworkers can often require a longer runtime and longer power to complete their project in an efficient manner. This extends especially to rotary hammers, impact drivers and reciprocating saws. Consistent performance of that battery is necessary as well.

“So the higher the amp hours in a battery, the longer runtime you receive in a battery. When we look at going from a 4.0 to a 6.0 battery, you will receive at least up to 45 percent more runtime, depending on the application that you’re doing. The more required torque, or the tougher the application is, the less run time it would be,” Wilcox says.

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“The importance of that is also within the tool itself. If you look at any brand out there today, you have electronics that talk to the battery. Those electronics tell the battery how to dispense the cell activity that’s in that battery. So in the Bosch world, our electronics are in the tool and [the] tool talks to the battery itself. Then that battery and the electronics maintain the performance of the tool that’s required.”

Bosch batteries have several features that preserve their recharge life. Each works with the tool’s electronic monitoring system that regulates the amount of voltage drawn to tackle a heavy-duty job. If the battery cells get too hot, the tool will shut off the battery so it doesn’t get damaged. Also, the batteries have the cool pack system in a red area on the bottom of the tool that helps dissipate the heat on the bottom of the pack.

Bosch has also made the 6-Ah battery the same size and weight as its previous 3-, 4- and 5-Ah 18-volt batteries. Wilcox says this was possible by working with the manufacturer on the chemical formula inside the batteries to keep them the same cell size.

The new battery sells for $129. It is compatible with all existing and future Bosch 18-volt cordless tools.

For information, call 877-267-2499 or visit

This article originally appeared in the July 2015 issue.

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