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Bosch left-blade saw offers better sight line

Bosch Power Tools has added a 7-1/4" left-blade circular saw to its line of corded power tools. The Bosch model CS5 is designed for professional users, especially roofers and framers.

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"The advantage of having the left blade is that about 80 percent of the end users are right-handed people, and for a right-handed person it is much easier to see the line of cut if you have the blade on the left side," says Romy Sheynis, Bosch circular saw product manager. "It's just natural, and that's one of the reasons why people prefer the worm drives and the cordless products, because they have a blade on the left side.

The Bosch circular saw has a 15-amp motor, a bevel capacity of 58 degrees, which the company states users will benefit from in both ripping and cross-cutting applications. Another key feature is an anti-snag lower guard.

"The anti-snag lower guide is mostly for cutting thin material," Sheynis says. "It helps maintain the cut because when you have thin material, sometimes the lower guide gets stuck and gets in between the blade and low guard, and you can't cut. So the feature on our lower guard prevents this scenario.

Porter-Cable and Milwaukee Electric Tool also manufacture 7-1/4" left-blade corded circular saws, but at a medium price point, according to Sheynis.

"The value of the Bosch product is it has all the capabilities of a professional product with a $99 value," he says

The Bosch CS5 left-blade circular saw will make its debut in August at IWF in Atlanta and is available at retail stores in September.

Contact: Bosch Tools. Tel: 877-267-2499.

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