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Bioformix unveils new wood adhesive

Bioformix introduced Nexabond 2500 instant wood adhesive in May, a water-free glue that speeds up project completion by reducing assembly time and allowing for sanding and finishing in minutes, according to the company.

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The product is specifically designed for woodworkers and wood products manufacturers and is formulated with a water and solvent-free formula. Components glued with this product will achieve high-strength bonding in minutes, compared to 24 hours with water-based carpentry glues, says the company.

“Because the Nexabond 2500 adhesive does not contain water, wood joints don’t swell, eliminating long dry times prior to finishing. Without water, it can bond any wood, even oily woods. This adhesive’s quick bonding chemistry also reduces or eliminates the need for clamping,” company president Adam Malofsky says.

In addition to fast, flexible glue-up, the adhesive accepts most stains and finishes and bonds regardless of humidity and temperature variations. It also works with most wood species and can be used to attach metal, ceramics, glass, plastic, foam and more to wood, according to the company.

“Its water-free formula means trouble-free joinery and assembly. It combines the speed and versatility of a super glue with the high bond strength of traditional wood glues,” Malofsky says.

Pricing varies depending on quantity purchased, starting at $5.98 per one-ounce bottle.

Contact: Bioformix. Tel: 513-448-0308.

This article originally appeared in the July 2013 issue.

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