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Binks system has a laser-like focus

The Binks MX 412 Pump System from Illinois Tool Works provides piston-pump technology to deliver efficient, durable and versatile spray applications. The Binks MX 412 system supports one or two spray guns that deliver thin-to-medium viscosity coatings.

The Binks MX 412 System provides for spraying at lower air pressure, according to the company.

"The Holy Grail is that our users want a great finish and they want to get more of their stain or paint on the actual piece and less of it in the booth filter or in the air," says product manager Chris Poe. "The way we do it, if I can somehow manage to get the fluid pressure that I'm spraying at down, in general that leads to how much hits my target. It turns out for a variety of reasons that the most appropriate choice to move fluids is a reciprocating piston pump."

The Binks system uses A1600M or AA4400M air-assist airless spray guns that can provide adjustable spray patterns. The guns reduce overspray and waste and feature anodized aluminum air caps. Three tip options are available - a flat tip, fine-finish tip and twist tip.

"We really target this to the small-to-medium woodshop that runs from the guy who does a couple of cabinets a day to a full-run production shop," Poe says. "And even with a smaller operation, when you do the math, the savings are real, and, often, but not all the time, we can show a payback period in less than a year. But the savings are huge."

Air pressure moves the pump spool valve rather than pump energy, while a chrome-plated stepped fluid rod section takes over at low pressures. This provides smooth pump operation and changeover with no pulse, resulting in much lower coating costs, according to the company. With no springs to break or replace, an additional benefit is reduced maintenance costs and longer pump life. Panel-mounted gauges and pictorial guides make it easy for operators to use the finish system.

The Binks MX 412 system is available in cart-mount and tripod-mount outfits.

"I feel real good when we have the opportunity to go head-to-head versus our competitors, we do very, very well," Poe adds. "In head-to-head trials, we get chosen very often and I think the end users bare that out."

The Binks MX 412 Pump System starts at $259.

Contact: ITW Industrial Finishing, 195 Internationale Blvd., Glendale Heights, IL 60139. Tel: 800-992-4657.

This article originally appeared in the November 2010 issue.

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