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Bessey adds to clamping force of K Body Revo


Bessey Tools has made small but significant changes to its K Body Revo parallel clamp, which will be available in January 2018. Boasting a new internal design, it now offers up to 1,700 lbs. of nominal clamping force compared to the previous 1,500-lb. limit, according to the company.

Product manager Andrew Fera says the new clamps feature the same key components as the steel stock bar originals but have slight improvements that make a huge difference in production and small shop settings.

“Bessey invented the parallel clamp idea and launched the product in 1980. There have been several generations over the years with lots of incremental changes along the way within these generational versions. This newest version is no different with regards to it being an evolution. Small changes, but it makes a big difference and many small changes make a great clamp even better,” says Fera.

The latest version has been visually refreshed for a more modern look. One of the key functional improvements is a slip free sliding jaw, eliminating the clamp from releasing unexpectedly once it is set into position.

Another update is smoother clamping force due to an internal component that reduces friction for smooth application of force. With less internal friction, the high-tech sliding arm can deliver more clamping force, the company explains.

The new ergonomic handle is easy to grip and turn, and features a new 6mm steel hex socket in the head of the handle.

“This feature makes it easy to apply force, particularly for individuals with strength issues. It also removes the need for an integrated pivot handle that can have its own inherent weaknesses,” says Fera.

The new clamps are offered in the same nine original size options from 12” to 98” and have a throat depth of 3-1/4”. They range in price from $35 to $90.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue.

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