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Benz Solidfix saves time and headaches

Benz Inc. debuted the Benz Solidfix, its new line of aggregate tool holders, in July at the AWFS fair. The universal modular system allows the user to change tools and outputs on the aggregate body in seconds.

The various tooling adapters available to the Benz Solidfox system enable a quick and easy changeover at a lower cost.

Product manager Bob Barone explains that the system is made possible by certified tooling suppliers manufacturing tooling adaptors that interface with the Solidfix mounting system. So now, with the twist of a wrist, woodworkers can change from a saw blade to a round cutter to a profile with ease. Tools always locate in the same place so there is no need to remeasure and make changes to your library.

“The Solidfix tooling adapters save the user a tremendous amount of time at the machine. The tooling can be preset and stored in the tool library for fast recall as opposed to taking the aggregates off the machine, over the workbench and back to the machine like it’s been done in the past. We’ve knocked a 20- to 30-minute timespan down to 20 seconds to change the tool. This affords the operator more machine time, not downtime,” says Barone.

Barone adds that the concept allows users to save money by having one single aggregate body and many adaptors for a few hundred dollars each, rather than buying more aggregates for thousands. The basic system sells for about $6,900, and adapters range from $250 to $350 a piece.

Contact: Benz Inc. Tel: 704-529-5300.

This article originally appeared in the September 2013 issue.

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