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AXYZ International adds CNC router options


AXYZ International has released several new products available as options on many of the company’s CNC routers.

AXYZ introduces two new automatic changer options with capacity for either 10 or 14 tool stations. Additionally, the company’s existing 7- and 21-station units have been upgraded with improved mechanics and drive motors.

The new Kiss Cutting Knife expands the functionality of the company’s Trident, Pacer and AXYZ machines by allowing the routers to cut wider ranges of materials. A range of adapters allows the Kiss Cutting Knife to fit into most existing spindles and tangential knife tools. The blade holder doubles as an effective pen plotter and the unit has an adjustable pressure setting permitting the knife to be used on different types and thicknesses of vinyl.

AXYZ’s new HSD spindle operates at 6.7-hp when running at speeds of 40,000 rpm and 8.7-hp when running at standard cutting speeds of 12,000-24,000 rpm.


“The new auto tool change options provide greater choice for selecting the required machine configuration at the right price and the HSD spindle and Kiss Cutting Knife tools allow processing of a wider range of materials with improved productivity and quality,” Robert Marshall, the company’s vice president of market development, said in a statement.

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