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Axiom’s Stratus cleans shop air from below

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The Stratus air cleaner.

The Stratus air cleaner.

Axiom Tool Group introduces the Stratus air cleaner that filters dust and debris closer to the source.

“The largest benefit is that this technology draws the air down where it naturally wants to fall instead of pulling it upwards past your nose and mouth the way the ceiling mounted units do. We’re drawing dust away from the operator, not toward the operator,” explains Axiom’s Todd Damon.

The 70-lb. unit will perform most effectively when placed within a 10’ radius of the work area, says the company.

The Stratus is available in Standard (AS300) and Pro (AS300PRO) models. The Standard has a powder-coated steel body and a pleated canister high-volume filter. “There’s approximately 9,000 sq. in. of exposed filter media surrounded by a foam pre-filter assembly sock that captures larger debris,” says Demon. “It provides nearly 16 times as many square inches of filter media than that of a similar filter using 1,000 cfm, meaning fewer filter cleanings.”

The Pro model has a stainless-steel body and an active charcoal filter.

“The active charcoal allows to it to capture product in the air that the [Standard model] won’t. The biggest is smoke residue from laser or woodburning applications. It will also capture overspray if VOCs are a concern,” adds Damon.

Both models feature three operating speeds and a 16’ power cord. The Standard model sells for $549, while the Pro model costs $749.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2019 issue.

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