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Axiom Tool debuts Elite Series at IWF

The Axiom Tool Group presented the AutoRoute Elite Series of small-format CNC routers at IWF.

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“These have servo-driven motors which means they are faster and more accurate, allowing us to enter a more industrial space in the market,” company president Todd Damon says.

“They are an alternative for stepper control machines. The servo drives can compensate for different material loads, such as with dense hardwoods, and maintain a consistent cut at a faster speed.”

The Elite Series has two models: the AR8 with 2’ x 4’ table, and the AR16 with a 4’ x 4’ table. They sell for about $10,000 and $12,000, respectively.

Both models offer 7.87” of Z-axis travel and feature a 3-hp electro-spindle motor with an integrated liquid cooling system, according to the company.

The routers do not require computer attachment for operation. Instead, files are transferred to the controller via a USB storage device.

“Professional fabricators will find the machines useful for rapid prototyping, instrument making, furniture component production and sign making,” Damon says.

The company also offers the Hobbyist, Basic and Professional lines under its Axiom Precision brand.

“We are intentionally avoiding the flat panel CNC market here (at IWF). We are strategically filling a hole in the industry where there is a need,” Damon adds.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2016 issue.

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