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Atlantic Machinery adds GMC vertical saws

KGS-GMC 400 manual model.

KGS-GMC 400 manual model.

Atlantic Machinery recently became the exclusive North American importer and distributor of the Italian-made GMC vertical panel saws, including the 5’ x 10’ KGS-GMC 300 and 6’ x 12’ KGS-GMC 400.

In addition to labor reduction and space-saving capabilities inherent to all vertical panel saws, GMC saws offer many additional benefits with their unique designs and features, according to Atlantic. Built with one-piece welded frames, they are available in a variety of manual, automatic and electronically programmable models.

“One of the main selling features of these machines, in addition to the welded steel frame, is that they use a true split scoring blade – 110mm in diameter – versus a knife for scoring. A knife is somewhat effective on laminate and melamine, but not on other material like MDF or veneer,” says Riccardo Azzoni, president of Atlantic Machinery.

“All of the GMC models come with a movable grid. So, if the position of the blade were to be exactly in line with one of the horizontal slats, the grid will shift upward so the blade won’t cut into the support. The moveable grids are available in three types. The mechanical style comes standard with every model, but there are also pneumatic and electrical upgrade options available.”

The KGS-GMC 400 can also be upgraded with an electronically controlled MFP full panel back grid support, ideal for working with small parts that could otherwise fall between slats on a conventional grid. Azzoni says this feature also reduces dust emissions by about 30 percent.

Dual metric and English measurement scales are another standard feature. Electronic digital measuring devices for vertical and horizontal cutting are offered as an upgrade.

The KGS-GMC 300 starts at $19,000, and the KGS-GMC 400 at $26,000.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2020 issue.

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