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Archmaster unveils new line of jigs

Archmaster offers a new line of door processing jigs that consists of three products for machining stile and rail doors: the Archmaster AM-24, a sled for arching rails and panels; Railmaster RM-11, a coping sled for rail ends on cabinet doors; and Railmaster RM-16, a coping sled for rail ends on entry doors.

The Archmaster AM-24 jig, available from Extrema Machinery.

The Archmaster AM-24 has a 24” width capacity and is specifically designed to shape both the arched rails and panels of cabinet and entry doors. The jig floats on a cushion of air while securely holding the panel or rail with pneumatic hold-down clamps. It features a cast-aluminum base and large gripping handles to assist the operator with safe and repeatable cuts.

“In the past, when making a cabinet door panel, typically what you had to do was cut your template out and then make a jig for holding your panel so that you could run it across the shaper at 10,000 rpm,” says product manager Matt Saragusa. “We make it much easier and safer.”

The Archmaster sells for $1,699 and includes a nine-piece starter set of either eyebrow or cathedral laser cut templates. Custom template sets are also available.

The Railmaster RM-11 and RM-16 jigs work in the same fashion. “It’s a really simple application,” says Saragusa. “You put your rail into the Railmaster, slide it in until it hits the fence, clamp it down with the pneumatic cylinder and just push it through, and it makes it safe and efficient to cope the end of the rails.”

The RM-11 sells for $749; the RM-16 for $849.

Contact: Extrema Machinery Co., 11420 Highway 190 West, Hammond, LA 70401. Tel: 877-398-7362.

This article originally appeared in the July 2011 issue.

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