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Amana Tool offers new adjustable dado set

In August, Amana Tool announced its new patent-pending thin-kerf carbide-tipped saw blade set with the first-of-its-kind adjustable dado blades. The set, model 61380, allows woodworkers to create a range of thinner dados from 1/16” to 1/4” wide for strong joinery, including tenons, rabbets, and box joints.

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“The 24-tooth adjustable dado set contains one split-steel hub with a 5/8” bore and two different 8” diameter saw blades. When the shims, which are included, are added to the blades it enables users to create a variety of dado widths. One blade enables the range of 1/16”-1/8” and the other from 1/8” to 1/4,” product manager Frank Misiti says.

“This is unique because it creates a range of thinner dado groove widths than the standard kerf dado sets and provides smooth flat-bottom cuts both along and across the grain which are free of splinters.”

Each blade features tungsten carbide tips. Misiti further explains the “gimmick” behind working with the blades is that the user is able to take the blade apart like a figure-eight and pins will lock the shims on. Once the blade is put onto the saw, the flange and the nut will hold it tight.

The set includes two blades, hub and shims. It sells for about $320.

Contact: Amana Tool. Tel: 800-445-0077.

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue.

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