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Amana Prestige Super Fine Dado Set

AMANA PRESTIGE SUPER FINE DADO SET is designed for creating grooves, rabbets, tenons, box joints and dentil molding. The set features stacked blades that produce flat-bottom cuts free of splinters and rough edges. The Prestige set is capable of cutting with and against the grain in plywood veneers, melamine, laminates and solid wood, according to the company. The set features 8" diameter and 24-tooth outside blades and six interior chippers with four teeth capable of cutting grooves ranging from 1/4" to 29/32". The outside blades can be adjusted in 1/32" increments, and finer adjustments as small as .002" can be made using a shim set. The dado set also contains four blade combinations that accommodate undersized plywood without the use of shims. The Prestige Super Fine Dado Set is available with a 5/8" or 1" bore, and the base price is $209.95. Contact: Amana Tool, 120 Carolyn Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735. Tel: 800-445-0077.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2009 issue.

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