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Adwood unveils new portable edgebander

Adwood Corp. has added the Adamik Speed Edgebander to its product line. Intended for handheld or stationary use, the portable edgebander boasts variable speed and automatic feeding features.

“The major highlight is that it will do straight edges and contoured work pieces,” says Adwood’s Eric Carpenter. “The variable speed [feature] lets you do tighter radius work. If you’re doing contours, for example, you can slow the machine down to where you can make sure it applies better. The higher speed is for straight edges only.”

The machine is compatible with a range of materials, including PVC, HPL, wood veneer and melamine, in thicknesses ranging from 5/8" to 1-7/8". Carpenter says the heated glue machine provides a better bond than preglued tape edgebanding with a better consistency of pressure, and it also eliminates tedious handwork.

Another helpful feature is the temperature control system that can be used for applying thinner material without having to worry about the material melting or becoming distorted. The machine also has glue flow control for controlling the amount of glue applied to the material, according to Carpenter.

It can also create a beveled edge up to 10 degrees and is sold with mounting hardware so it can be fastened to a tabletop for stationary use.

The machine sells for $3,995.

Contact: Adwood Corp., P.O. Box 1195, High Point, NC 27261. Tel: 336-884-1846.

This article originally appeared in the January 2009 issue.

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