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AcromaPro debuts ‘whole package’ of new finishes

AcromaPro offers three new “next-generation” finishes: AccuStain, a solvent-based wood stain system; AkvaTopp 814, a waterborne white topcoat; and Laqva Prime Universal, a wood primer.

AccuStain delivers color consistency, according to the manufacturer.

AccuStain delivers color consistency with the option of a softer appearance in a spray-and-wipe application, according to AcromaPro sales director Joe Spencer.

“This is designed as a whole package for the end user to get fast, repeatable color development using a wide color palette to correct color quickly in fewer steps. The clarity of the stain on various substrates, specifically maple or birch, enhances the uniformity without the blotchiness. You have batch-to-batch consistency,” Spencer says.

Laqva Prime Universal is a low VOC, single-component alternative to catalyzed solvent-based wood primers for finishers of opaque kitchen cabinets, residential furniture and architectural millwork. The primer can be used to prepare indoor wood and MDF surfaces for water-basd topcoats, nitrocellulose lacquers, catalyzed varnishes and catalyzed polyurethanes. 

“This is a unique primer designed for multiple substrates, whether it’s solid wood or MDF and the beauty part about this particular primer is that it’s water-based, low VOC, however you can use multiple chemistries of topcoats on top of this primer, meaning you can go with another water-based topcoat or a solvent-based topcoat,” Spencer says.

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AkvaTopp 814 is a single component acrylic/polyurethane coating for use on interior wood products. It can be applied as a self-sealing system on wood or over the new Laqva Prime Universal on wood or MDF. It has high-build properties and provides a finish with very good hardness capabilities that can’t be obtained with acrylic latex and nitrocellulose finishes, according to Spencer.

“This is a European technology from Italy that is being manufactured in North America, an acrylic polyurethane system that comes in multiple sheens. It can be tinted to any color. It’s for kitchen cabinetry or furniture in any type of surface whether it’s MDF or solid wood or veneer,” Spencer says.

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The topcoat offers chemical resistance and is also available in custom colors and gloss ranges.

AcromaPro products are sold through a network of authorized coatings distributors across the U.S. and Canada and can be found at

This article originally appeared in the December 2016 issue.

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