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Accuride revamps Easy-Close drawer slide

Accuride recently enhanced its 3832 Easy-Close drawer slide to provide installers and end users with better performance and reliability. The product was redesigned to provide greater tolerances to accommodate construction and material variances and ease installation.

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The slide is ideal for cabinetry and casework found in homes, as well as libraries, schools, laboratories and hospitals, as well as commercial retail stores. Offering smoother movement and superior soft-close action, it features many new components to eliminate drag and friction while it better absorbs variances in cabinet construction, says marketing manager Claudia Tuttle.

“We’ve made many improvements to this product based on customer feedback in terms of handling challenging applications requiring different cabinet sizes and materials,” says Tuttle, explaining that when cabinets and drawers are out of square or if material thicknesses vary, it can cause compression of the slide, which interferes with drawer closure and the damper mechanism.

“The greatest benefit of the slides is they have a lot more fluid movement with the new disconnect lever that eliminates drag. They also have new mounting features to make them easier to install.”

The redesign also enriches the soft-close feature of the slide as the mechanism housing material has been strengthened and new stronger springs have been added, providing for a smoother and more gradual close.

Breathing tabs with mounting holes have been added at the back of the slide for mounting or installation in frameless-style cabinets. These also help offset construction and material variances for greater stability. Another new feature is the addition of a front face-frame mounting hole, which allows the front of the slide to be mounted directly to the face frame, eliminating the need for a front bracket.

Model 3832EC offers a 100-lb. load rating. It has a lever disconnect and cam adjustment, which allows installers to alter the vertical position of the drawer front to set reveals. It is available in even lengths of 14” to 28”, in clear zinc or black electroplate finishes.

Contact: Accuride International. Tel: 562-903-0200.

This article originally appeared in the July 2014 issue.

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