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3M redesigns its line of abrasive belts

Want a sanding belt that lasts longer, produces a better cut and finish, and keeps dust to a minimum? 3M might have what you need. The company has redesigned its entire F-weight paper belt line for improved performance in wide belt applications.

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"We've improved the mineral and resin-backing materials in our F-weight paper belts so they now last longer and perform better than ever before, all at no extra cost to customers," says Tom Eggert, 3M's woodworking business manager.

3M F-weight belts are available in both wide and long belt sizes, in open or closed coat constructions. Customers can choose from aluminum oxide, silicon carbide or premium 3M Cubitron ceramic grains.

The belts, made in 3M's new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Alexandria, Minn., offer several production advantages, according to Eggert.

"One way productivity has improved with 3M F-weight paper belts is that they provide longer life. This translates to less time spent replacing belts, shorter equipment downtime and reduced abrasives cost. Another productivity enhancer is from faster cut and consistent finishes, as sanding operations can be done faster and with fewer reworked parts.

"Clean machines also can improve production efficiency. 3M has enhanced its anti-static treatments and, when used with a functioning dust evacuation system, can help reduce airborne dust levels affecting the equipment, the workpiece and the workplace. Whether edge sanding, stroke sanding or mold sanding, customers should see increasing performance benefits."

Prices vary by belt size and grain type. To give an idea, a 37" x 75" aluminum oxide belt retails for $47.

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This article originally appeared in the December 2009 issue.

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