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The most dangerous tool (part 2)

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One day, some years ago, when I was building houses, we were assembling a large timber truss. It was a "sandwich" with 2x10s on the outsides and 4x6s in between. At each lap there was a blot with a 6" shear ring. The cutter for the shear ring slot looked like a giant hole saw. We were driving it with big hand held drill that spun at about 20 rpm but with enough torque to pull a house over.

On this particular day, Mr. Not Too Smart was running the drill. He was standing on one of the 2x10s which was laid across a stairwell three floors up. The shear ring cutter caught on something and the torque tore the drill right out of his hands. Of course, he had engaged the trigger lock so that the drill kept right on turning. As it did, it wound up the power cord, which was wrapped around Not Too Smart's ankle. He was pulled over and ended up hanging in the stairwell with his arms wrapped around the 2x10, while the drill kept on tugging on the cord wrapped around his leg.

At that point, Mr. Laughing Idiot looked up and saw Not Too Smart dangling in the stairwell and began, well, laughing. Mr. Hot Headed Swede saw this and became enraged. His anger was exacerbated by the fact that the plug for the extension cord that the drill was connected to was right next to Laughing Idiot's foot. In order to get Laughing Idiot's attention, Hot Headed Swede took out his 28 ounce waffle-faced hammer and threw it at Laughing Idiot. The hammer just missed Laughing Idiot's head, but got his attention and he quickly pulled the plug. Not Too Smart was able to climb back up to safety and, miraculously, there was no major injury.

The above story is true. But it is like one of those puzzles where there are a bunch of things wrong with a picture and you’re supposed to pick them all out. So I ask you, what is wrong with this picture? And what or whom was "the most dangerous tool"?


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