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You Don’t Need to be a Geek to Run this CNC

Let’s face facts. We’re woodworkers, not computer programmers. And for many of us, a keyboard is a lot more intimidating than a table saw. We know how to build casework in the woodshop, but how do you build a cabinet inside a computer?

Thermwood understands that dilemma, and has a superb solution.


Back in the 1970s, Thermwood was the first company to develop and offer a CNC control system for sale. Thermwood also developed the very first CNC router in the world. And now, it has created the first CNC that doesn't need a programmer!


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That’s because Thermwood’s Cut Ready Cut Center already has a programmer inside it. His name is Artie, and he’s a cutting edge, artificial intelligence engine inside the Cut Ready control. You simply tell him what you want, and he creates a program to make it. These are not pre-programmed libraries. No part programs exist in the control until Artie creates them. This is nothing less than a bold next step in the evolution of the CNC router. Artie is already capable of programming tens of millions of unique products and is constantly learning how to make and do more and more new things. Artie is easy enough that virtually anyone can work with him with little or no training.

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If you’re looking at a CNC as part of your re-tooling plan for 2021, why not start by taking a tour of the Thermwood Cut Center with product manager Jody Wilmes? Thermwood has produced a series of videos where Cut Ready Product Manager, Jody Wilmes helps woodworkers understand the differences between the Cut Center and a regular, run-of-the-mill CNC router. He provides an in-depth look at what it takes to successfully operate each machine, and lists some of the additional expenses and other things to consider when shopping for an automated solution. Jody also takes you on a walk-around tour of the Cut Center itself, so you can learn more about the different aspects of this powerful machine – and how every component has been designed to help make it easy to operate, and easy to maintain. He’ll show you just how quick and easy it is to design and customize a cabinet in Cut Ready, with no programming required.

Stop by the website to meet Jody and explore the Cut Center, and you may also meet the solution you’ve been looking for – a CNC that lets you be a woodworker.

Thermwood Corp.

Phone: 800-533-6901


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