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Using the Best Finish for Every Project

It is said in systems theory that initial conditions play the most essential role in determining outcomes of any scenario, project, or event. Speaking to that, we remind the reader that the proper planning and design of a project, the ideal selection of wood to be used for the project, and careful prep-work without skipping any steps will provide you with the foundation needed to finish your project to it’s optimum wow-factor.

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The ultimate lifespan and use of your project is the culmination and result of all prior steps from planning through production. The finish that is applied to a project is first and foremost for the purpose of protecting your woodworking project from the elements and the wear and tear inflicted upon it by users. Ideally, a finish that provides both the ultimate in surface protection and beautification (enhancing the appearance and tactile characteristics of the wood) is the perfect choice for any project that reflects a producer’s integrity and talent. The Odie’s Oil product line was developed by a wood-products expert for this very purpose. In addition, Odie’s Oil is the safest finish to work with in user health and environmental safety. It is so safe, you can finish your project anywhere, even in your own living room.

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Odie’s Oil was designed to provide you with unlimited options in finishing effects and sheen level from matte to a French polish look. Being a true hard-wax oil without isocyanate catalysts, means that you have no sanding limits and the product will reside in the surface instead of relying on a weak surface bond like other finishes. This true unsurpassed bonding and filling of the molecular pores in the wood surface will give your project the ultimate in protection and longevity. You cannot actually damage an Odie’s finish because it’s not a layer on-top, but instead it becomes part of the wood itself. The other chemical and chemically modified finishes on the markets, such as polyurethanes, varnishes, and oil blends with part-two catalysts fail in achieving these goals for this scientific reason.

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Essentially, a project treated with Odie’s Oil will never fail, the finish won’t wear-off over time; it will withstand all kinds of liquid spills and abuse, rough handling, clumsy movers, and many other environmental threats. Scratches and dents on an Odie’s Oil treated project are easily repaired by simply applying Odie’s Oil to the damaged wood and buffing it off with a cotton rag. This also means your project will never need re-sanding! It will easily become an heirloom-piece that will provide many decades if not centuries of enjoyment and use.

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Odie’s Oil will naturally give your project the ultimate in finish clarity, adding depth while accentuating the natural beauty, grain, and color characteristics in any wood project. Customers are amazed with the tactile aspect of a project finished with Odie’s Oil - no other finish can provide the silky smooth almost velvety feel of a project finished with Odie’s Oil. Whether you are shooting for a one-and-done single application finish, or an ultra-refined build on a very high end piece - the Odie’s Oil system is the easiest (rub-on and buff-off) and most versatile finishing product line in the entire industry and it’s food-safe too! It is truly a paradigm shift, leaving all other finishes behind, and proving them to be truly irrelevant and obsolete.

Elevate your work by joining the Odie’s revolution! You will be amazed by the results, and truly enjoy finishing once again.



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