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The Complete One Operator CNC Working Cell

This mobile, 5G CNC touch screen controller handles all router operations and allows remote access.

This mobile, 5G CNC touch screen controller handles all router operations and allows remote access.

Making the best cabinets and furniture can be an expensive proposition, especially when it comes to training or hiring a whole crew of qualified personnel. Now, woodshops have another option. The 5th Generation CNC working cell from CNC Factory transforms raw materials to RTA products… with only one unskilled operator!

Most CNC routers are a bit challenging to use. 5G CNC Technology can automate not just the cutting, but all of the thinking and labor-intensive tasks, too. For woodshops that are looking to reduce staffing and increase productivity in 2021, here’s what 5G CNC offers…

Up front, there’s a dedicated CNC controller with a 21” touchscreen and status indicator lights. That large size means easier operation and fewer errors. Aside from having more legible screen controls, the operator can use them to select cabinets and cuts right at the machine, along with performing other robotic operations. That means they never need to leave the production station. And those status indicator lights provide visual cues to alert the operator when there’s an error. Having a dedicated CNC controller instead of a PC also avoids the production nightmare of freezing up during Microsoft updates.

5G CNC offers fully automated vacuum valve controls. The operator never needs to manually crank levers to adjust vacuum suction. They can control vacuum zones with just the press of a button, and the system lets them know if there isn’t enough hold-down. This not only saves the physical effort of adjusting levers (which takes strength under high pressure), but more importantly eliminates the need to remember whether the vacuum is on before cutting begins.

5G CNC has robotic marking and labeling. This is a big one. Applying labels or marks to cut parts for secondary production keeps the production process organized. It avoids components being lost, especially when nested, and also avoids human errors in placement or orientation. And it decreases the risk of damaging products, as they don’t need to be transported to a separate marking station.

The 5G edgebander conveyor returns material up to 100 inches.

The 5G edgebander conveyor returns material up to 100 inches.

5G CNC eliminates homing. Calibrating or homing a CNC machine each time it is reset or turned on is no longer necessary, and this saves several minutes every day. The CNC knows exactly where it is, even if the shop has a power outage.

5G CNC embraces automatic loading, alignment, cleaning, unloading and lubrication. The machines can be expanded with accessories such as hydraulic loading tables, robotic material alignment, robotic cleaning and dust extraction. They can be equipped with an unloading conveyor with material sensing and automatic pressurized lubrication. All of these are normally labor-intensive functions and if they’re not automated the woodshop may need a second staff person to help the operator. And if a shop doesn’t need these options now, it’s comforting to know that a 5G CNC machine is pre-wired for them so it can grow as the shop’s needs grow.

With 5G CNC, the interface is visual with easy-to-understand English-language commands, so the operator doesn’t need to know or learn G-code! Working lists can queue hundreds of jobs and let the machine work on auto pilot.

The patent-pending, 5G CNC dual-drilling technology reduces dowel insertion processing time by more than 50%.

The patent-pending, 5G CNC dual-drilling technology reduces dowel insertion processing time by more than 50%.

5G CNC machine centers are designed to work in tandem with edge-banders, hidden fastener insertion, thermofoil presses or conveyors for a true single-operator system.

CNC Factory, which is a USA manufacturer, provides lifetime support and a dedicated training facility for its 5G CNC work cell which includes the award-winning Python XPR CNC router, the Badger edge-bander (3 models to choose from), the Scorpion LDR CNC Insertion and a return conveyor. To learn more about how you can make the best cabinets and furniture, stop by the website and watch the videos.


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