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The Best Configuration

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With the desire to meet both its customer and dealer needs at the very highest level, the team at Castaly Industries Corp. in La Puente, California has always taken a posture of learning. They continually seek to become the best option that a woodshop has for manufacturing, customer service and technical support. Paramount for them is market knowledge, attention to industry trends, and an intimate acquaintance with the very latest technology and integration systems.

As a result of this attitude and a long history of listening closely to its customers, Castaly has now developed a new version of its Super-510RT CNC machining center. The new Super-510CM is a configuration that’s specific to the cabinetmaking industry. Equipped with a sweeping arm rake system that’s coupled with an automatic offloading conveyor table, the configuration allows a woodshop to do all of its machining in a single operation while bringing production times down to a minimum.

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The Super-510CM features a 12.8 HP HSD spindle, a BHZ9 HSD drill bank and a 12-position rotary tool changer. With its 25 mm linear rails, dual rack and pinion motors (driven by 850 Watt Yaskawa servo drives), a movement accuracy of .001” and traverse speeds of up to 2,350 IPM, this machine delivers precision machining at high speeds with incredible accuracy. It has everything a woodshop needs to quickly and easily create cabinet parts, or perform other nested-based operations.

There are lots of CNCs on the market. When looking through the options a woodshop needs to choose one that’s built to last, has the configuration needed for the tasks it will perform, and integrates easily with existing software. But this is a people decision, too, and shops must choose a manufacturer who has the industry’s best technical and after-sales support, maintains a fully stocked parts department, and prices its products at a fair and reasonable price.

Choose wisely.
Choose experience.
Choose Castaly.

The All New Super 510CM Machining Center

Configured specifically for cabinet shops

  • 12.8 HP HSD Spindle
  • Automatic offloading
  • 12-position rotary tool changer
  • Sweeping arm rake system
  • Dual rack and pinion motors

(626) 968-6330

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