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Shaper Origin + Workstation: CNC precision whenever and wherever you need it


Shaper Origin is the world’s first handheld CNC router. Designed for woodworkers, Origin is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add CNC capabilities to their shop without the learning curve, footprint and cost that a traditional CNC machine entail.

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Origin tracks its location it is moved across a workpiece, making hundreds of micro-adjustments per second and keeping cuts clean and precise.

And adding Workstation to Origin creates a Complete Cutting System with adaptable precision and fixturing that is capable of tackling virtually any project.

With the Complete System, a woodworker can mill perfectly mating mortise and tenon chair joinery, or machine parts for dovetailed drawers. An operator can cut pockets for cabinet hardware with an astonishing degree of accuracy or add an engraved detail to an appliance panel. And when needed, Origin can also work solo and perform feats such as recessing for an inlay in an installed hardwood floor. Try hauling the spindle from your shop-bound CNC to a jobsite to do that!

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Here’s how the System works…

Origin is CNC-to-go. It feels and acts like a router, so it’s very intuitive and it’s small enough to use in the woodshop or take to the jobsite. But it’s also intelligent: it tracks its own location and makes hundreds of minor adjustments per second to stay on the toolpath as it’s moved across the workpiece.

When Origin is used alone, the woodworker applies a special tape to the workpiece and Origin scans that to create a map. This way, Origin knows where it is and where it needs to go at all times. And when using Workstation as a fixture, there’s no need to apply new ShaperTape because Workstation has a permanent and reusable tape array ready to go. The tool has automatic cut correction – as it moves along the toolpath, the spindle can move inside its housing so the body of the tool doesn’t need to be moved to make corrections. And the spindle itself is a proven design that was developed in collaboration with Festool.

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Workstation is the ultimate fixturing tool. It can hold just about any shape of part for machining and has a high degree of micro-adjustability. It’s engineered specifically for use with Origin and designed with an eye toward fast and repeatable work-holding. Workstation lets the woodworker cut tenons at any angle from zero to forty-five while virtually eliminating tear-out and delivering dead-flat shoulders. And a shop can perform detailed cuts on small or hard-to-fixture workpieces of almost any thickness with the included Shelf. That accessory’s easy height adjustment and precise depth control deliver results that will elevate the quality of any cabinet or furniture joinery. Plus, the quick set-up that Workstation offers can make repetitive cuts for volume production.

The Complete System is intuitive. Most cabinet and furniture builders are quite familiar with portable routers, so the system’s ergonomics feel immediately familiar and comfortable. The interface on the tool is also very intuitive, which substantially shortens the learning curve. Origin features on-tool design, but a shop can also import drawings through any one of a variety of traditional design software packages. There’s no proprietary software to learn, and there’s no G-code to master.

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Shaper’s Complete System is an accessible, adaptable combination that will help your shop produce precise and versatile custom joinery and give you the freedom that allows woodshops to build superior quality cabinets and furniture.


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