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Shaper Origin – Getting Better with Age

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For woodshops that are re-tooling for 2022, this is the perfect time to add CNC capabilities. And for woodworkers who demand excellence and adaptability, that means Shaper Origin.

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The world’s first portable CNC continues to get better with age. Origin is easy to use and lets a woodshop bring CNC to the job, rather than the other way around. Origin’s location tracking system lets you work anywhere, at almost any scale, and once you start cutting, Origin automatically adjusts the spindle to keep your cuts clean and precise. For example, a woodworker can tackle large floor inlays right on the jobsite. The tool is easy to store in the included Systainer, and it allows the shop to work on almost any surface by applying ShaperTape and then scanning the work area. Origin automatically detects and stores each workspace, and then lets the operator easily create or import designs with no programming required. How can you improve on that?

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Well, the Shaper team has done so repeatedly. For example, they added Workstation, which perfects a woodworker’s ability to fixture oddly-shaped workpieces and end-grain projects while routing with Origin. It lets the shop align, clamp, and cut with unrivaled speed and precision.

And now, the team has released Inverness, the latest free system update to Origin. With new and improved layout capabilities, this release brings even more control and precision to woodworking projects.

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Now Origin owners can quickly lock an object in a precise location, or they can create more accurate design layouts directly on the tool to speed up workflows – without ever touching a computer! Inverness also makes it easier to precisely adjust copied objects, and a new Mirror function makes it possible to flip a design. And for woodworkers who require additional layout capabilities, Inverness has now added custom anchors. That’s especially handy for detailed and critical tasks such as creating custom mortises for specialty hardware.

The Shaper team has also improved how users can view their on-tool creations. Origin can now provide an optimal view of a project at every step of its process. The user can manually adjust the zoom level for more control by pinching the screen when in Scan, Design, or Cut Modes. That lets a woodworker quickly survey an entire project layout and then zoom in to inspect details.

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Origin isn’t like any other tool in the woodshop. Because it’s software-based, it continues to get better over time. The company listens to user feedback and adds features based on that input. About once a year, woodworkers who use Origin can expect to receive free system updates that include refinements to the tool's performance, usability, and its core suite of features. And the Shaper team periodically adds optional new Extensions, which are specialized on-tool functions, such as Text Basic and Box Joint Basic, that are designed to unlock even more performance with Origin.

Bottom line: it’s time to re-tool with a tool that just keeps getting better!


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