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Ridiculously Easy CNC

The Python XPR from CNC Factory addresses some of today’s most pressing issues for cabinet shops. First off, it provides an elegant and affordable solution to the challenge of hiring qualified people.

In a word… don’t.

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There’s no need to hire experienced programmers or operators because this amazing machine can be operated by a single unskilled employee. The Python XPR is driverless, fully loaded, and sits at the pinnacle of 5th Generation CNC technology. It lets a shop go on autopilot by pressing a few buttons. From loading to spoil board cleaning to rapid cutting or unloading, the Python takes away all the heavy lifting and thinking that’s required of a skilled operator. Aside from mechanizing the tiniest tasks like daily homing all the way to the laborious and error-prone task of parts marking, everything is operated in a graphical interface that is intuitive and non-intimidating. A woodworker can also design right at the machine with its PC front-end that can run most popular CAD/CAM software. In fact, the Python XPR was a perfect fit for Houses for Warriors (a non-profit who helps build houses for homeless and injured veterans) as it can be operated by handicapped veterans or transient volunteers who won’t even need to learn G-code.

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The Python XPR costs about the same as hiring and training an employee for a year, but provides many years of service. It works harder and faster, too, and comes with lifetime technical support. Plus, it has a 12HP ATC HSD air-cooled spindle with impressive cutting speeds; remote access for tech support; dual-layer, high-flow vacuum table; and other 5th generation features you’ll only find in machines over $150,000 but at a fraction of the cost.

The days of stopping a CNC to mark parts, unload, and manually clean the spoil board are a thing of the past. So are the days of hiring overqualified people – and overpaying them.

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Welcome to ridiculously easy CNC.

Welcome to Python XPR.

Phone: 714-581-5999


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