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“I like that the handle is offset from the clamping area. In the past, your knuckles could be in the way.”

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That observation is taken from woodworker Casey Reeves’ review of the BESSEY GearKlamp®, a new tool that works big in a small space. The first of its kind in the world, GearKlamp is a sweet solution for cramped locations. Up until now, bar clamps have operated by rotating a handle that was attached to the bottom of the lower jaw, and that often got in the way. The patented gear mechanism on GearKlamp has moved the action to the main bar, so it’s offset. That means the jaws can fit easily into drawer openings and other tight spots, and the woodworker’s hand no longer needs to fit in there with them.

Remember trying to reach into a cabinet to turn the handle of an F clamp with just a thumb and a finger? Or grabbing a pair of pliers to get some traction because there was no room to fit your whole hand? Those days are gone. The GearKlamp delivers 450 lbs. of clamping force right where you need it, while saving the skin on your knuckles.

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GearKlamp has a quick release shift button for fast set-up. It also has tough, molded and reinforced clamping arms and a hardened, tempered, cold drawn steel rail. A fully enclosed, Fiberglas™ reinforced polyamide housing for the gears will keep out dust and debris. The pads have a narrow profile, which is quite convenient in tight spots. It allows these clamps to slide into places where standard ones won’t fit. There are non-marring plastic caps for the jaws, and these can be removed instantly to reveal V-grooved anvils for clamping round parts. The swiveling pressure pad on the lower jaw will self-align on clamped parts.

GearKlamps come in 6”, 12”, 18” and 24” capacities, all of which have a throat depth of 2-3/8”.


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