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Outsourcing Can Be A Game Changer


When it comes to making the best cabinets and furniture, sometimes the smartest policy is… don’t. Outsourcing from a specialist can be both cost effective and timely. It gives a woodshop the chance to catch up and stay current on jobs, and because some outsourced suppliers can apply vast experience and economies of scale to the project, the price and quality can be surprisingly right. However, there is a potential pitfall. A woodshop’s reputation is riding on the quality of the outsourced supplier’s work and the timeliness of its delivery. So it’s absolutely critical to go with proven results.


And that’s where Elias Woodwork in Winkler, Manitoba comes in. Besides being located at the very center of North America (the perfect shipping location), the team at Elias has been building some of the world’s best casework since 1983. And a dedication to the principles of lean manufacturing has allowed the company to grow in both volume and quality over the decades. In fact, it’s now one of the most vibrant, successful and growing suppliers on the continent.


With a quarter of a million square feet of production space and a vast array of choices, Elias can transform a custom woodshop’s catalog and make it more competitive, more appealing and more profitable. They pride themselves on using state of the art equipment and strict quality control procedures. Combined with their competitive pricing, Elias can be the ideal supplier.

Some of the latest additions include new door styles, more drawer box options, trendy new color finishes, and accessories such as floating shelves that have a hollow core and can be ordered in various species – raw, stained or painted. Keeping up with, and sometimes ahead of, such design trends allows Elias’s customers to offer their own customers more choices in the best cabinetry and furniture.



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