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Nothing Says Quality Quite Like Dovetails

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There are many custom drawer box builders out there, but few with Elias Woodwork’s experience – and fewer still with their resources.

Elias Woodwork manufactures a wide variety of the highest quality dovetail drawer boxes, and with their production expansions in the last couple years, they can do so in large quantities. Drawers are available pre-finished, whether you prefer to assemble the box yourself or receive it ready to install. Special related accessories such as garbage/recycling bins, cutlery/utensil inserts and soft close drawer slides are also available. And knowing that precision is key, Elias Woodwork warrants that the width and height are within +/- 1 mm and the depth is within +/- 3mm.

Elias Woodwork sprays a 35° post catalyst lacquer as the standard sheen for its clear finish. When drawer boxes are ordered assembled and prefinished, the clear lacquer is applied after the drawer box is assembled ensuring full joint coverage.


Soft Maple is Elias Woodwork’s most economical grade of solid wood for making dovetail drawer boxes. Many colors and grain variations are allowed in this grade, along with mineral staining and brown heartwood. Birch plywood is the company’s most economical material overall. Standard species also include white maple, red oak, cherry and walnut. Other species are available upon request.

Elias Woodwork offers the most diverse line of cabinetry components including custom cabinet boxes and is an ideal supplier for part or all of your cabinetry projects. Outsourcing has proven to be a huge cost savings for many industry professionals and Elias Woodwork takes it a step further by offering FREE shipping with an order of 30 or more 5-piece construction doors. That means your drawer boxes and accessories ship for free with your doors. Some restrictions may apply. Get instant pricing with their AccessNow online ordering or call them today for a free quote.


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