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Geared Clamp Delivers in Tight Spaces

Bessey   Gearklamp

It’s all in the name.

Gears are designed to create a mechanical advantage, and the new GearKlamp from BESSEY does so in an ingenious and incredibly useful way. Its designers have discovered how to exert up to 450 lbs. of clamping force in a compact clamp that fits into confined spaces. Think of the possibilities!

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The secret is in the high quality, two-component handle. Give it a turn, and gears inside the lower arm drive the swiveling round pressure pad forward. By off-setting the drive mechanism (in other clamps, the handle and threads are all in-line, but here the threaded spindle is separated from the handle), a dust-free, sealed compartment can be created that houses gears. That delivers several rewards from a woodworker’s viewpoint, not least of which is the speed and security of the clamping action. Under sinks, in tight corners or working overhead, the handle of the GearKlamp is ergonomical: it just feels right. And releasing it is a one-handed task, leaving the other hand free to hold parts or tools.

The first of its kind in the world, GearKlamp is the perfect solution when parts that need clamping are really close to another object. The patented gear mechanism also allows the handle to stay out of the work area, and thus out of the way. A quick release button allows for gross adjustment, and the rotating rail-mounted handle delivers fine control.


GearKlamps are available in 6, 12, 16 and 24 Inch capacities, and all of them deliver the same 450 lbs. of nominal clamping force! Plus, all four models have a full 2-3/8” throat capacity.

The GearKlamp is a new and innovative solution that offers a fresh way for woodworkers to apply controlled, directed pressure. And it’s tough, too. In addition to the durable, molded, reinforced clamping arms, the GearKlamp also has a hardened, tempered, cold drawn steel rail. It’s versatile – there’s a V-grooved anvil for clamping round parts, and non-marring caps are included for delicate work. And the pressure pad self-aligns on clamped parts.

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