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CNC factory’s Python XPR with robotic loading

CNC factory’s Python XPR with robotic loading

Now is the perfect time to buy a top-quality, U.S. built CNC.

Recent shifts in global trade policy have created a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Woodshops can now purchase a domestic, world-class, beautifully engineered and American built machine from CNC Factory for the same price, and often lower than a lesser import.

But while price is definitely important, it is by no means the only reason to buy from this California manufacturer. There’s the ability to work with the company’s engineers to create an absolutely custom solution. There’s the knowledge and experience that comes from serving North American woodshops for thirteen years. There’s the CNC Factory vision to help companies embrace CNC automation and do so with superb quality, highly precise machines. And there’s the promise that this manufacturer will never, ever leave a customer alone with a challenge – be it maintenance, programming, operation or any other aspect of quality or efficiency.

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Plus, the timing right now really is perfect.

CNC Factory is demonstrating its new Python XPR at IWF in Atlanta – and, of course, all summer long at its Santa Ana, Calif. showroom. This machine reaches a pinnacle of engineering that combines third generation (3G) robotic loading and unloading with the principles and practices of lean manufacturing. Stop by booth 2722 in Building C in Atlanta, or make an appointment to visit the West Coast facility and experience this robust powerhouse at work. Built for profitability, speed and ease of use, the Python XPR saves users’ backs and delivers a host of grow-as-you-grow features.

For example, it can apply multi-directional graphic and text labeling instructions on nested materials. With these in place, woodworkers always know which edges need post production attention, and operators never lose track of cut pieces. Plus, the on-board Cabinet Vision software allows printing in various orientations.

Then there’s CNC Factory’s own Marking Block, which is designed to organize by color coordination. This feature is really appreciated when it’s time to assemble, ship or manage large projects.

But perhaps the best aspect of this superb machine is its work ethic.

“Customers love the fact that the Python XPR never needs homing or warming up time,” says CNC Factory owner and operations manager Chris Corrales. “It’s ready to work when you are!” Corrales, who designed the Python XPR, notes that he “included an automated 12-tool carousel that changes tools in just four seconds, and moves 1800 inches per minute. The Python conquers long, complex, multi-tool tasks efficiently from one to fifty sheets, with just one push of a button. It’s ergonomical, user-friendly, and needs only one operator to run in either robotic or manual mode.”

The Python XPR sells for $69,900 and includes training and life-long customer support. In fact, the company promises that nobody will support customers better.

CNC Factory designs and manufactures high quality precision CNC routers, machining centers, edgebanders, Lockdowel™ insertion machines and thermo-foil 3D presses. When it comes to the perfect cut, the world’s best machines – and best values – are manufactured right here in the good old USA.

CNC Factory, Inc.
Phone: (714) 581-5999

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