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Elias Woodwork

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It’s no accident that the word ‘custom’ is right there in the word customer. Any woodshop with the right equipment and experience can build boxes, but the shops that stand out are all known for one thing: remarkable customer service. And sometimes making the best cabinets and furniture for your own customers means finding a trusted partner to help out a little.

Elias Woodwork can help a woodshop achieve better quality while maintaining or improving schedules. From the selection of trees with suitable grain and color characteristics to the final quality control inspection before products are packaged and shipped, Elias Woodwork strives for perfection. The company uses the latest and best technologies available to the wood, thermofoil, acrylic and polyester manufacturing industries to ensure absolute accuracy and consistency. That means small and medium sized woodshops can in turn deliver products locally that have been made on the latest and best machinery on the planet by a team with unrivalled expertise and meticulous quality control. Elias Woodwork can deliver custom AOS (assemble on site) cabinet boxes, doors, drawers, moldings and accents in any finish or material directly to the woodshop or jobsite.


And there’s another upside to developing a relationship with Elias. The woodshop’s catalog will regularly expand so that it can offer clients all the latest trending finishes, hardware and textures. Plus, the company is constantly upgrading choices for kitchen and bath designers.

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Most recently, improvements in the company’s line of floating shelves have not only increased the strength of the units and their ease of installment, but also their appearance. They now have tight mitered corners for a seamless appearance, metal brackets that have been upgraded to 16-gauge (which increases their capacity to 20 lbs. per foot), pre-installed clips on the cleat and shelf for easy installation with no need for silicone or nails, and an upgraded plywood cleat for improved strength and stability.

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In October, Elias introduced some trendy new colors to its Thermofoil solid color collection – they can be seen on the website’s Inspiration Door Gallery. Included are several soft touch and textured finishes. Not only does Thermofoil provide an economical option for solid color and wood grain cabinetry, the options available for accessories combined with high durability make this product ideal for remodel and refacing cabinetry projects. Samples and color swatches are available. It’s just one more way that partnering with Elias can help a shop make the best cabinets and furniture.


Phone: 800-665-0623

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Elias Woodwork is an industry leading manufacturer of cabinet doors, moldings, drawer boxes, custom frameless cabinet boxes, curved doors and components, refacing material and accessories.

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