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Dust Doesn’t Have A Chance

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It’s frustrating when one runs a machine and forgets to turn on the dust collector. There’s residue everywhere – on the workpiece, all over the bench and, worst of all, in the shop air. That adds up to both a health hazard and lots of downtime to clean up the mess. It’s insidious: fine dust gets into tool motors, makes floors slippery, destroys sprayed finishes…

Now, there’s a solution.

The new dust collectors from General International in Whitehouse, Ohio come with a dual-action switch that powers up the collector whenever a woodworker turns on a tool. Just connect the tool to the collector, and forget about forgetting!


And that simple concept isn’t just for floor units – General has also created a clever forget-me-not solution for its new air filtration system. This is a ceiling-mounted unit that has an infrared sensor on board. It can sense and evaluate the level of dust particles in the air… and turn itself on when needed! The density of particles determines the speed of the motor and the filtration rate. When the air has been scrubbed, it just quietly turns itself off.

Adding a smart dust collector and an air filtration system would be a great way to start retooling a woodshop for 2021, but it doesn’t have to stop there. General is also introducing a new table saw that has an automated digital controls on the blade and rip fence. Everything can be controlled from a pad on the front of the fence, and is motorized for ease of use.


You won’t find these exciting new General products in your average big box store. The company only partners with select retailers who both stock and support the products that they sell. Just call the number below for help finding one, or visit the website. And while you’re there, sign up for a Zoom new product release that’s scheduled for November 9th.


Phone: 888-664-0449

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