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Combining Art, Craft and Technology

Finished cabinets using KCD Software from design through manufacturing.

Finished cabinets using KCD Software from design through manufacturing.

Let’s face it, we are woodworkers and not computer programmers. But woodworking has evolved, and even though it seems daunting, we need to be able to keep up.

What we woodworkers need most is a professional software that puts a fully-loaded design studio at our fingertips, both in the showroom and on the jobsite. We need software that can create highly customized cabinet and closet solutions, successfully connect to manufacturing equipment, but is still intuitive and easy to learn. And to use. We need a software tool that lets us be who we are – custom cabinet and furniture builders – but also takes full advantage of the available technology.

KCD Software does all of that, and so much more. It lets us woodworkers design custom projects quickly by using an expansive frame and frameless library, or design and create our own unique library. It provides flexible dimensioning and automatic integration between parts so that cabinets fit precisely, hold strong, cost less and look fantastic!

KCD Software’s optional touch screen mode lets us design on the fly with a Windows® tablet. And with the tablet’s rear facing camera it allows us to include on-site pictures. Its cloud-based sharing capabilities make it simple to share those images (plus notes, dimensions, material specs and other critical data) so that everybody from suppliers to co-workers and homeowners can all receive appropriate information. Creating and sharing beautiful, accurate custom designs has never been easier. It brings our clients’ concepts to life through sophisticated 3D renderings.

Actual KCD Software 3D rendering of elegant kitchen.

Actual KCD Software 3D rendering of elegant kitchen.

KCD Software transitions from powerful design to state-of-the-art manufacturing faster and easier than other software. KCD includes custom libraries from Cabinotch® to balance out the options we need. Outsourcing with Cabinotch® helps meet today’s competitive costs and schedules. Having this alternative in our pocket puts us in control of any job that may come along. This means that, as woodworkers we can choose to efficiently outsource machining of custom cabinet boxes, doors and drawers, all with one-click quotes and direct ordering from Cabinotch. They deliver the parts flat-packed, ready to assemble and finish.

Whether manufactured in-house or outsourced, jobs built with KCD Software can include frame or frameless cabinetry and closets. KCD Software supplies floorplans, elevations, dimensioned shop drawings and photo realistic 3D renderings. A shop can show handles and hinging, add stock or custom moldings, edit wall shapes, custom lighting, wood grains, laminate textures, granite, custom doors, get a door size report for door ordering, include countertop edge profiles and so much more.

Elevation of kitchen without dimensions. KCD Software offers multiple levels of dimensioning.

Elevation of kitchen without dimensions. KCD Software offers multiple levels of dimensioning.

When it comes to production, we can go from custom cabinetry to accurate, parametric, design-driven machining. The CNC software calculates and optimizes toolpaths, maximizes material yield with true shape nesting, and generates CNC machine code for the router. Also, custom one-off pieces are easily modified in the KCD Parts Viewer. One-click lets you add cut-outs, change the shape of your part, move and remove holes, dados and more – and then nest the rest.

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KCD Software has partnered with many industry companies to provide the largest selection of equipment tie-ins and tools for professional design-to-manufacturing needs. Among these partners are CNC router manufacturers, optimization software, CAM programs, cabinet shop management software, door and drawer outsourcing suppliers, wood component suppliers, makers of fasteners and other hardware, and laser measurement system manufacturers. KCD Software lets woodworkers turbo-charge the building process with agile workflow options, and its powerful tools help speed workflow and reduce leads times. Its vertical integration selection allows custom shops to move into manufacturing, optimization, laser measuring, and component outsourcing systems at their own discretion, and at their own pace.

So why sit back? Stay competitive and lead with KCD Software.

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