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CNC Without a Degree!

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Building cabinets and furniture shouldn’t require the equivalent of a college degree in computer science, and with the Thermwood Cut Ready Cut Center, it doesn’t.

Small and medium sized woodshops across the country are dealing with a construction boom and full employment. The obvious way to increase production without hiring more people is to automate by investing in a CNC. Many woodworkers have a problem with that, because they feel that creating cabinets requires a different set of skills and natural abilities than running a computer.

They’re worried about the learning curve.

With the Thermwood Cut Ready Cut Center, that’s not a problem.

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This is a CNC system that doesn’t require a programmer or a trained machine operator. It guides the average woodworker through the entire production process in real time. Most people can operator a Cut Ready Cut Center with little or no training or guidance. It is a complete, fully contained system with all the supporting equipment smoothly integrated into a package that, frankly, just about runs itself.

The Cut Ready Cut Center lets a woodworker design and customize cabinets, furniture, drawers, doors, moldings, stair stringers and much more without learning CAD. It makes the process intuitive and familiar, so that it becomes simple to modify the size, the material or other parameters and then add the modified cabinet to the job. It walks an employee through each step of the way and if there’s ever an element of doubt, one simply presses a button, and a video will play showing exactly what to do next.

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There’s an easy-to-learn touchscreen that manages all the tooling and keeps track of routine maintenance. It even shows how to clean filters, or top off lubrication. It will automatically turn the vacuum pump on or off as needed, and it will make sure that it’s holding the material properly on the table.

For woodshops with someone on staff who knows their way around a CNC (or owners who soon become familiar with the machine), the Cut Ready Cut Center can also be operated as a traditional CNC router. This lets the shop run programs from any third-party software.

The system is currently available on two machines, the Cut Ready 43 and the Cut Center. The 43 is a lower-priced machine that doesn’t need a CNC programmer but does benefit from having a trained and somewhat skilled employee available.

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But the Cut Center requires neither a CNC programmer nor a trained machine operator. That’s because Artie, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence engine, is already inside! He moves beyond just programming to guide the operator through the entire production process in real time.

Want to give it a try? To arrange a demonstration, use the contact info below. Thermwood can set up a custom demonstration showing the benefits of using the Cut Center with a woodshop’s specific requirements. This can either be done in person at the facility in Dale, Indiana, or over the internet as a web demo.

Pretty much anyone can run a Cut Center.



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