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CabinetParts offers new online selling program to cabinet shops

If you're a cabinetmaker looking to save time and make more money, a new program from CabinetParts may be just the thing. It's called the Cabinet Shop Accessory Sales Network, and it lets cabinetmakers increase their annual sales and margins by selling cabinet accessory online. It is easy to set up, easy to administer, and it doesn’t eat up time like in-person sales can.

Thanks to design magazines and sites such as Pinterest™ and Houzz™, customers are inspired to add organizers, pantry racks, cabinet lighting, upgraded hardware and much more. This has been great for the big box stores, but not so much for cabinetmakers.

Until now.

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In 1997 CabinetParts launched the first U.S. website selling cabinet hardware. Since then, the company has established itself as an essential source for cabinet hardware and accessories. Today, the site offers more than 40,000 items from almost every major manufacturer, including its own respected CabinetParts brand known as Valueline.

“Cabinetparts recognizes that cabinetmakers really do want to sell more accessories,” says Jim Natale, CabinetParts national sales manager. “But woodshop owners and managers simply don't have the time to pore over catalogs with customers and make that happen. So, we’ve created a new program that makes it extremely easy for these busy professionals to launch their very own online accessory sales store – and do it on their own website.”

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Here's how it works…

Go to In the top righthand corner, click on the Pro logo.

Scroll down to Cabinet-Shop Network and click on the yellow "Learn More" button. There you'll find a neat video and other information that tells you all about the program. Use the yellow "Get Started" button to fill out a short application to join.

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Any cabinet shop with established credit can become part of the accessory sales network. Once approved, a Cabinetparts network specialist will help you create a customized branded store link. The shop can then choose whether the link appears as a tab on your website navigation bar, or as a design banner on your homepage. And when site visitors click on the link, they’ll find a uniquely branded version of the Cabinetparts website with your shop’s company name prominently displayed and identifying your shop as an authorized Cabinetparts dealer.

For woodshop owners who are a bit hesitant about website technology, Cabinetparts will eliminate any concerns. Its web team will provide all the necessary files, including a variety of professionally designed banners and links. Their specialists will even work directly with the shop’s website provider.

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Visitors to your website who click on your new accessory sales tab will be able to browse, shop, and buy just as if they were on itself. The products and prices are identical. The big difference is the site identifies you as the dealer and when they order, the member cabinet shop will receive a portion of the sale. In real money with no hidden expenses...

Network members receive acknowledgments of all orders, and they have access to their own online dashboard showing orders, sales, and payment history. The network provides everything that a shop needs to be in the online accessory business, but without the time, effort, and expense of doing it themselves.

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“Cabinet Shop Network customers always have full access to Cabinetparts sales reps by phone, chat, and email to help customers with questions,” says Jim Natale. Our Network members say the storefront not only contributes to their profit margin, but their customers also appreciate being able to shop with someone they know. And our cabinetmaker members say they really enjoy seeing orders placed while they're doing something else. Even sleeping!”

Cabinetmakers who don’t have a showroom, or who don't have time to search through catalogs with customers, might want to look into the Cabinetparts Cabinet Shop Accessory Sales Program.
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