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Boost Production, Reduce Downtime and Waste

Making the perfect cut is definitely about precision, but it also needs to be about endurance. A woodshop needs tooling that can cut accurately, but also keep an edge.

The XP “Xtreme Performance” tooling line from Vortex Tool Company, Inc. delivers exactly that – precise cutting performance plus longer tool life.

Vortex  prmiary PHOTO

XP tooling is manufactured of premium solid carbide. The solid carbide construction complements the tool’s geometry to deliver a bit that runs longer and saves time and money throughout its life. XP tooling delivers three to five times more tool life than standard coated or non-coated compression geometry, especially when used to machine high pressure laminate (HPL) and melamine materials.

XP tooling is an experienced technology that is the result of extensive testing performed by the company on its own CNC test router. XP has been used successfully for over a decade in commercial woodshops and the XP tooling line continues to grow as Vortex Tool carries inventory of its most popular tool sizes. Those include two flute and three flute compression geometries, and they are recognizable in the company’s online and print catalogs by the designation “XP” after the standard part number.

Compression geometry delivers a chip free edge on both faces of the material being cut.

Vortex  secondary  photo

Xtreme Performance compression bits are designed to deliver precise, clean, perfect cuts in HPL and melamine on particleboard and MDF cores, and to do so without frequent tool sharpening or replacement.

Vortex Tool Company, Inc., is based in Schofield, Wisc. The manufacturer designs and makes a wide variety of standard and custom high-performance router and insert cutting tools for the woodworking and plastics industries. Vortex Tool also provides re-tipping and sharpening services to ensure that woodshops always make a perfect cut.



Phone: (800) 355-7708

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