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Better Tools Work Better


Craftsmen know that shopping for tools isn’t about buying: it’s about investing.

A good tool that holds an edge will work faster, cause less downtime, require less sharpening, and ultimately deliver a more perfect cut for a longer time.

Another thing that great craftsmen know is that there’s a learning curve with every machine and cutter, and having access to superior support cuts that curve to a minimum. Woodworkers who deal with knowledgeable suppliers learn quickly about issues such as feed rates, sets, metals and tooth geometry.

The professionals at Tacoma-based Carbide Processors have been advancing cutter technology for more than thirty-five years. They have an impeccable reputation for solving problems and delivering the industry’s finest products, services, research and training. The company augments its mechanical abilities with a solid grounding in both chemistry and biology, so it understands challenges such as coatings, brazing and the effects of heat as few other tool manufacturers can.

Decades of solving problems for those other manufacturers has given Carbide Processors a unique understanding of both woodshop tool quality and pricing. They know who makes the best bits and blades, and who consistently delivers the highest quality. So when the company began to offer a comprehensive catalog of woodworking tools, equipment and supplies a few years ago, it already had an intimate knowledge of the market.

Carbide Processors now offers fifteen of the world’s finest brands of cutting tools, including its own proprietary “World’s Best Saw Blades” plus band saw blades, grinding wheels, drill bits, insert knives and tooling, and custom tools built to meet a woodshop’s specific needs. A custom router bit, for example, can often mill a complex profile in one or two passes – where it might take several stock bits and numerous tool changes to accomplish the same thing. Just think of the time saved.

Carbide Processors has earned a stellar reputation across several industries for its knowledge of brazing. Bottom line – nobody does it better. And the company’s World’s Best™ saw blades are evidence of that. They are manufactured with a special Cermet II tip (a hybrid of ceramic and metal) that allows these remarkable blades to cut at faster feed rates, and also stay sharp longer. With a Cermet II tipped blade, a woodshop invests in a better edge than standard carbide tipped blades can deliver, and the knowledge that this blade is far less likely to experience tip fracture. 

The advanced technology used in these tips makes them more heat resistant than carbide, allowing a woodworker to cut at faster feed rates without harming the saw blade, or burning the wood. And when it does finally come time to sharpen them, they can be ground just like standard carbide blades, so no special sharpening is needed. Each World's Best™ saw blade is custom made to order by Carbide Processors. It doesn't matter if the customer is a lumber mill, a panel processing plant, a furniture or cabinet shop, or a serious home hobbyist, one simply will not find a better performing saw blade anywhere.

For shops that sharpen in-house, or for professional sharpening shops, Carbide Processors also supplies a comprehensive array of diamond and CBN resin-bonded wheels.

And for woodshops looking for the best inserts or molder, planer and jointer knives, all roads lead to Tacoma. The company also supplies replacement knives for SuperPac, Terminus and Tersa. Whatever machine you’re using, and whatever tools you’re shopping for, the experts at Carbide Processors can supply the knowledge and support you need to achieve the perfect cut.

Don’t just buy.


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