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Accuride Provides That ‘Finishing Touch’

Slides that deliver smooth, reliable movement and nearly limitless options.

There are few features as important to woodworkers as great design and versatility. Those traits are critical to achieving that “finishing touch” – a final product that one can be proud of, and also be assured will last. Accuride movement solutions provide that optimal combination. For over half a century, the company has been offering craftsmen premium ball bearing slides. And those slides have allowed woodworkers to bring movement to the most unique and creative designs without sacrificing reliability.

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Nothing shows a commitment to refinement better than Accuride’s newly enhanced 9300 family of heavy-duty slides. Already the benchmark for its segment, the enhanced 9300 has added new features while improving on those that made it a preferred choice for years. These include even tougher construction, a new opening for more mounting options, and a 20% increased load rating – now a whopping 600 lbs.


The 9300 is available in many trims, including standard lock-in and lock-in/lock-out designs. It’s also available in lengths spanning 10” to 60”, depending on a project’s requirements. With so many options and a limited lifetime warranty, it’s small wonder that this full-extension, non-disconnect drawer slide has long been a go-to for craftsmen and woodworkers. The 9300 is a great option for pullout pantries, garage and shed storage and, with the enhanced load rating, moving interiors in micro-living.


But the 9300 is just one of the many great options Accuride provides for woodworkers. There are countless side mount slides, and movement solutions for sliding doors and under-mount drawers. The company recently released the 3160EC Easy-Close, which is the only under-mount slide engineered to support drawers up to 60” wide. Better yet, all of Accuride’s under-mount slides come standard with a soft-close feature.

Then there’s been the long-acclaimed 3800 Series. As with the 9300, this popular family of medium-duty slides has also been enhanced. Practically a mainstay in woodworking, the venerable 3800 comes in numerous variants including heavy-duty, self-close, and Touch Release. This range supports drawers up to 24” wide and handles loads up to 100 lbs. Given its many options, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with a 3800 slide. You’ll find it almost everywhere – in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and more.

With so many dependable options, Accuride slides give woodworkers what they need to achieve a superb finishing touch.

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