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September 2018



News Desk

C.R. Onsrud visits the White House.
WMMA honors two  Patriot Award winners.
WMIA awards $28,000 in scholarships.

WOOD MARKETS: Exotics are in high demand.

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FINISHING: Instructors share their top tips. By Scott Grove


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Tools & Techniques

  • CabWriter updates cabinet design extensions for SketchUp. 
  • Bosch adds power to Core18-volt battery. 
  • Milwaukee provides more Packout storage solutions.
  • Compass adds new features to stair building software.
  • Coral Minivelo captures overspray the wet way.
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SANDING SOLUTIONS: Our survey of sanding machinery satisfies shops of all sizes.Ian McLean

Ian McLean

Ian McLean

CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF: With a soon-to-be new owner in charge, New Horizons Woodworks in southern Oregon readies for the next growth phase while delivering an impressive string of high-end commercial projects.

THE RIGHT COMBINATION: With multi-function machines, less if often more.

CHOOSING A SMALL SHOP CNC: Size matters,  of course, but so does cost, intended use, and number of axes.

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