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December 2018


News Desk

Students experience  manufacturing through Stiles.
Bob Stevenson wins Cartouche Award.
CERF+ offers Studio Safety Guide.

WOOD MARKETS: Cherry is ripe for the picking.

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PRO SHOP:  The Birthday Paradox. By David Getts

THE CUTTING EDGE:  Graphics card for CAD. By R.W. Lee


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Tools & Techniques

  • Biesse adds PUR option to Akron 1440.
  • Castaly adds its largest capacity multi-rip saw.
  • Denray’s Dust Funnel gathers the blow-off.
  • ‘Artie’ is behind Thermwood’s Cut Ready.
  • HAPPY EMPLOYEES, HAPPY BOSS: Enhancements to the work shop environment, making it safer, easier and more productive, will pay off. 
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THE RIGHT MOVE: Borror Cabinets found a good home in Klamuth Falls, Ore., and is having one of its best years.

CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC: As the wood industry deals with challenges and economic uncertainty, continued growth is predicted.

DON’T WASTE THE WASTE: Instead of looking at scrap and sawdust as a nuisance, consider it as a resource that can generate greater profits.

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