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Woodcraft revamps wood offerings


Woodcraft announced an expansion of its wood and wood-related product offerings at its retail and online stores.

“Wood is our major focus and we are increasing our stock and promotion of wood and wood products. That includes lumber, turning stock, carving, carving blanks, veneers, plywood and inlay,” product development manager George Snyder said in a statement. “Wood is featured on the covers of the July sale flier and catalog and we have expanded the wood offering in the catalog from a few pages to nine.”

Snyder said additional species from around the world are being added monthly and Woodcraft is also exploring opportunities to find new and interesting manufactured wood products such as Spectraply, which Woodcraft now carries.

“We are introducing the ‘Wood of the Month Program’ in July which offers a different species of lumber each month at a special price through the 70-plus retail stores,” Snyder said. “Also, Back of the Rack wood deals are available on our website — typically overstocks — and we are expanding our line of grab bags and kits, like the one for a cutting board which has proved very popular.”

For information, visit www.woodcraft.com.

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