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WMH distributing Powermatic in Canada

Powermatic woodworking tools and accessories will now be available from distributors in Canada for the first time. The announcement was made in August by Peter Chatel, president and chief operating manager of WMH Tool Group Inc.

In the expansion, a full complement of top-selling Powermatic power equipment with Canadian Standards Association certification will be made available through distributors across the country. WMH primarily will work through its existing distributor network, but also plans to acquire new distributors in Canada. Canadian customers can also order online through retailers and distributors who feature Powermatic products on their Web sites.

“The growing number of end-users and distributors requesting Canadian outlets for Powermatic has supported our initiative to bring this premier brand to Canada,” says Chatel. “Creating a CSA-approved assortment of woodworking power equipment and accessories for the Canadian market allows us to satisfy this significant demand.”

Robert Varzino, vice president of marketing for WMH Tool Group, says Powermatic was not formerly sold in Canada because the products did not meet CSA approval standards.

“Powermatic is looking to expand its presence,” says Varzino. “Canada is a primary target for that growth. We have a director of Canadian sales and a newly trained sales force and distribution coming in 2009. These activities will allow us to aggressively expand the Powermatic brand.”

Varzino says the WMH’s international sales of its three brands, Jet, Wilton and Powermatic, which include Canadian sales, make up approximately 30 percent of the company’s sales. He also added that U.S. sales for the Jet and Powermatic brands are holding even with last year.

WMH Tool Group is a subsidiary of Switzerland-based WMH Walter Meier Holding AG.

Contact: WMH Tool Group, 2420 Vantage Dr., Elgin, IL 60124. Tel: 847-851-1045.

This article originally appeared in the December 2008 issue.

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