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Weyerhaeuser, RSVP sign deal on Lyptus

Companies reach veneer distribution agreement on the fast-growing eucalyptus tree

RSVP "believes in green" and Lyptus is a good match, according to the company.

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Weyerhaeuser and Renaissance Specialty Veneer Products have established an exclusive partnership for the distribution of Lyptus veneer worldwide. Lyptus is a fast-growing eucalyptus tree cultivated on plantations in Brazil owned by Weyerhaeuser and is harvested to sustainable (FSC) certification standards. RSVP has facilities in Columbus, Ind., and High Point, N.C.

"From our company's perspective, it was a very easy match for us because we are a company that believes in green. It is extremely important and that is probably the biggest single reason that we embraced the product," says Paul Stone, managing partner of RSVP. "We're a company that believes in diversity within our inventory and believe in creating value with our customers. We've always believed in the Lyptus product, but haven't had the opportunity to carry it."

"We found there were tremendous synergies with what RSVP brought to the table and where we actually wanted to go on a national basis," says Walter Benadof, Weyerhaeuser's South American business development manager. "RSVP brings a lot of marketing support and gives us the opportunity to go into markets that we haven't explored in the past. It was an immediate connection there."

Lyptus features a fine grain that takes a wide range of stains. Although Lyptus hardwood is best known for its use as flooring and a plywood face, it is also available in lumber and veneer form, and can be used for cabinetry, millwork, furniture, stairs and railings.

The veneer is currently graded as AA, A, B and C, and is separated between plain-sliced, quartered and figured at a standard thickness of 1/42".

"It is competitively priced with most domestic and commonly-imported species," Stone adds. "In this economy, people are looking toward alternatives to what they are currently using and [admittedly], when something is a bit new, there is a little hesitancy to change. But I don't think Lyptus is new anymore; it is a very recognized brand and it is a product people see value in because of the green aspect."


Renaissance Specialty Veneer Products, P.O. Box 524, 1285 Indianapolis Road, Columbus, IN 47201. Tel: 812-375-1178.

Weyerhaeuser, 33663 Weyerhaeuser Way South, Federal Way, WA 98003. Tel: 800-320-9720.

This article originally appeared in the February 2010 issue.

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