WCA schedules ASE training events

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The Woodwork Career Alliance of North America is organizing several Accredited Skill Evaluator training events over the next few months, including sessions at this summer’s AWFS Fair in Las Vegas. Other sessions are planned for Madison, Wisc., and Colorado Springs, Colo.

Accredited Skill Evaluators are a vital link of the WCA’s credentialing program. In most school woodworking programs, the ASE is also the instructor. An ASE is responsible for observing a person’s ability to perform a woodworking operation at a high enough caliber to earn tool points to fortify their woodworking credentials.

“The purpose of the training is for them to learn how to evaluate woodworkers using the WCA Skill Standards,” Scott Nelson, WCA president, said in a statement. “They learn to test if a student’s or professional woodworker’s performance measures up to accepted industry standards in terms of set up, safety, part quality, etc.”

For dates and more information, visit www.woodworkcareer.org.

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