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Wagner Meters offers direct international shipping


Wagner Meters’ line of award-winning and field-proven moisture measurement products can now be shipped directly to its international customers’ doorsteps.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer direct shipping now to all of our customers,” Wagner Meters president Ed Wagner said. “We have customers from all parts of the globe, and now a Wagner Meters moisture meter or Rapid RH system can be ordered from the website and shipped directly to them. It’s a door-to-door experience.”

Wagner Meters has long been known for its innovative wood and concrete moisture measurement products. Not only does the company understand the demands and realities of moisture testing on the job site for flooring and building industries, but it also specifically designs moisture measurement tools and accessories with its customers in mind. Prompt, accurate, affordable moisture measurement is the expectation for every product that is shipped.

For information, visit www.wagnermeters.com.

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