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Veto Pro Pac introduces backpack tool bag

Veto Pro Pac, a manufacturer of professional-grade tool bags, launched its Tech Pac, the first backpack tool bag designed specifically for professional tradesmen who need to climb ladders or walk long distances on a daily basis.

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Designed to enable the safe and comfortable transport of a variety of tools when servicing equipment accessible by extension or cage ladders or in cities or industrial buildings where walking long distances is required, the Tech Pac features Veto Pro Pac’s patented center panel, heavy-duty construction and stabilizing injection-molded waterproof base that keeps tools dry in the nastiest of conditions, according to the company.

With 56 pockets inside and out, the Tech Pac has ample room for hand tools, meters, parts boxes, cordless drills and impact drivers, as well as other bulkier items such as manifold gauges, hoses, cable wires and even a tablet. The backpack features a quick-release handle that allows easy access to the larger tool bay compartment and reduces the strain on the shoulder straps unlike any other backpack bag.

“The most difficult assignments for tradesmen are those where you need to climb a ladder or haul tools over long distances. You need to be able to carry all the tools you are going to need safely and comfortably,” Roger Brouard, founder of Veto Pro Pac and the designer of the Tech Pac, said in a statement.

“We wanted to see firsthand how tradesmen in the field deal with those conditions, so I spent weeks with them on the job observing them — from looking at OSHA standards of three points of contact on ladders, hauling tools up with a rope, to the need for a backpack that would fit through cages and stand up when being used, to a backpack that is comfortable and won’t get wet when placed down in wet or muddy conditions. This product is the result of those observations and the resolution to those challenges.”

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