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‘Turn-a-thon’ scheduled at Woodcraft stores

You can honor an American soldier by turning a wooden pen Nov. 12 during the eighth annual "Turn for Troops National Turn-a-thon" at Woodcraft stores nationwide.

Since the first national turn-a-thon in 2004, Woodcraft has sent a total of 75,000 (12,568 in 2010) one-a-kind wood pens to American service personnel actively deployed overseas and in rehabilitation facilities in the U.S. In addition to the annual turn-a-thon, some stores schedule multiple “Turn for Troops” events, and many Woodcraft customers and employees turn pens on their own.

“Using basic lathe skills, anyone can produce a good quality pen for our troops quickly. A first pen project takes about 30 to 45 minutes, but after creating a few pens this time can drop down to just 15 minutes each. We hope that this year volunteers will turn more pens so that even more soldiers can be reminded that their sacrifices to protect our country are remembered and appreciated,” Woodcraft president Jeff Forbes said in a statement.

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