Trend Routing rolls out saw blade line

Trend Routing Technology has introduced a new thin-kerf professional saw blade line to the North American market, featuring 32 sizes ranging from 5-3/8" to 12" in diameter.

Designed for the framing, finish and specialty contractor markets, they cover a range of applications such as cutting wood and wood products, non-ferrous materials, plastics, pressure-treated lumber and nail-embedded material.

The British company formerly offered these blades only in Europe, but is expanding blade sales based on confidence that U.S. woodworkers will appreciate their value and performance, says Jamie LaMuraglia, Trend's vice president.

"They're very high quality and ideal for upscale contractors and remodelers and small custom shops," says LaMuraglia.

The blades feature a negative 5-degree hook angle so the blade teeth do not grab the material. This provides a clean cut and safety advantages, according to LaMuraglia. They're made from hardened tempered steel with micrograin carbide teeth.

Prices range from $12 for a 5-3/8" diameter blade to $85 for 12" blade. A 10", 60-tooth blade sells for $45.

For information, visit www.trend-uk.com.

- Jennifer Hicks

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