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Trend adds double-sided diamond whetstone

Trend Routing Technology introduced a new double-sided 6" x 2" diamond whetstone to the North American market.

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“We have had phenomenal success with the 8” x 3” Classic Professional diamond whetstone with the woodturning market,” product manager Neil McMillan said in a statement. “However our research showed that the carving market and many cabinet shops do not need the full size Classic Professional stone. Now carvers, wood turners and cabinetmakers can sharpen smaller tooling such as CPM4 tips for coring tools, M2 and M4 tips for hollowing, carbide tipped turning tools, carbide and HSS inserts an at an affordable price point.”

The double-sided diamond whetstone has a coarse side (300 grit) and fine side (1000 grit). It retails for $79 and is available through authorized Trend diamond sharpening distributors.

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