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TigerStop wins manufacturing award

TigerStop took top honors for innovation from the Association of Washington Business, which recognized the company’s significant progress in designing, developing and delivering a blockbuster product concept.

“We are pleased to honor them as examples of what Washington state’s manufacturers can accomplish,” AWB president Kristofer Johnson said in a statement. “Their hard work and creative thinking is helping make Washington a better place for all of us.”

TigerStop was founded in a garage in 1994 by Spencer Dick, who says he became frustrated with the inherent inefficiencies of his machine operators stopping to reset and recalibrate whenever they were cutting material to various lengths. He also noticed that regardless of how carefully material was measured, the end results were always of slightly different dimensions.

Spencer founded TigerStop to automate the cutting process so that exact and accurate parts, whether metal, aluminum, plastic or wood, would result each and every time.

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